• Hands Free Door Opener


The Hands-Free Door Opener


Eliminate the spread of viruses with a sanitary door opener.

We have all been there!  When we use a public or restaurant restroom and wash our hands we are then forced to touch a soiled door handle on leaving.   SteriOpen solves the problem, by opening doors with your foot or elbow. 

With a hands-free door opener you can leave a room safely to handle food and eliminate getting sick, and avoid the spread of viruses.

Increase building accessibility and stop virus outbreaks.

● Restaurants ● Cafes ● Hospitals ● Factories ● Offices ● Public Buildings ● Malls

The Problem

Bacteria and virus on door handle

Bacteria and virus on door handles Door handles are hotspots for spreading germs and viruses. Touching them can lead to infection and the spread of bacteria and outbreaks.

The Solution

Install a hands-free door opener in 5 minutes

Bypasses dirty, virus ridden door handles to keep hands clean and improve access to your buildings. Safe, food/hospital-grade materials, retrofit-able, and a simple install.

SteriOpen Features

Engineered in Switzerland

Our Story

Lifetime Warranty

"Excellent product"

Excellent product, so happy somebody thought about such an easy way to keep my hands clean leaving bathrooms.

Max M. - Auckland, New Zealand

"A must have for all restaurants"

These days... every restaurant should invest in this the hands free door opener, without a doubt a must have for all restaurants

James G. - Waterloo, Iowa

"It makes the dining experience much more enjoyable and safe."

I get a lot of positive feedback from the costumers (and employees)  in my restaurant about SterOpen. We have a burger franchise and the food is handled a lot by customers. It makes the dining experience much more enjoyable and safe.    

Maria T. - Kansas City, Missouri

Used everyday

I use it everyday, the first 6 units I installed and now we have SteriOpen on over 100 doors throughout the complex. 

Ralph S. - London, UK

Very easy to install

I'm not a handyman by any means but had no problems installing it onto our restaurant doors. Just two holes and the tools where included. The staff love it, and it gets our restaurant hashtaged on Instagram often, bonus. 

Lucy B. - Boston MA, USA