Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions we are asked about SteriOpen. If there is something not listed here, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you promptly. 

SteriOpen- Step

Does my door need to be latch-less? 

  • No. In every pack comes a Latch Blocker that stops the locking engagement. Most North American doors are simple pull and push doors, but in Europe or renovated locations latch doors are present. Simply add the Latch Blocker to convert your door into a latch-less entry door. 

      Does SteriOpen Step comply with ADA and disability regulations?

      • Yes. SteriOpen complies with ADA regulations and other disability regulations worldwide. This product doesn’t interfere with ingress or egress (the act or action of entering or leaving)

      Is SteriOpen Step safe to use?

      • Yes. Due to the low position and custom profile, the user can remain controlled and balanced throughout door operation.

       Do you ship internationally?

      • Yes! We can ship internationally with DHL or another logistics leader. 

      How long does it take to install SteriOpen?

      • It will take on average 5 minutes to install one SteriOpen

      What doors do  SteriOpen fit too?

      • Metal doors
      • Solid wood doors
      • Doors with kick-plates
      • Latch-less doors
      • Latch doors with the included Latch Blocker
      • Doors with an automatic closer
      • Standard doors with a thickness of 35-55mm/ 1.37-2.16"

       Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

      Yes! There are zero risks. We want you to be happy with the purchase and feel confident that you can get your money back.  You can return any SteriOpen product in 30 days of receiving the product, for any reason. Please read our return & refund policy and contact customer support for more information on returning an item. 

      Does SteriOpen have a warranty? 

      Yes!  Even a LIFETIME WARRANTY

      We pride ourselves in building rugged products that you can use for a lifetime. We’re in it for the long haul and our products are also!

      If for some reason you don’t love your authentic SteriOpen product, let us know and we’ll make it right. If our products don’t survive your typical wear and tear - we want to know about it.Click here for the full warranty text



      SteriOpen- Step

      Will SteriOpen fit my door?

      • Yes. SteriOpen is designed to fit solid residential and commercial doors. If your door thickness is between 35-55mm/ 1.37-2.16" and is metal or has a solid core, it will fit.


      1. My door thickness is between 35-55mm/ 1.37-2.16"
      2. My door is metal or solid
      3. My door has an automatic door closer

      What are the technical specifications of SteriOpen Step? 

      • Width: 100mm/3.93” 
      • Depth: 81mm/3.18” 
      • Height: 44mm/1.73” 
      • Weight: 365 grams/ 12.8 oz. 
      • Material: Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel, Rubber

      SteriOpen Foot operated door opener sizes

      Can I download the install instructions?

      • Sure, download the SteriOpen installation instructions HERE

      What’s included in the pack box?

      • 1x SteriOpen Step
      • All Hardware
      • Latch Blocker
      • Stickers
      • Instructions