Our Story

The SteriOpen story begins in Zurich Switzerland at a burger bar in the hip Kries 5 district. After visiting the bathroom, there was no option to leave the restroom without touching the door handle, the normal tricks like waiting for someone to open the door, or use paper towels didn’t work and one is forced to touch a visibly soiled bathroom handle. 

While eating and handling the burger for dinner, I couldn’t enjoy the meal as I knew I touched the same handle as hundreds of other people that didn’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. There must be a better way!

SteriOpen was born.

Designing medical products for 15 years, we have designed products for Roche Diagnostics, the biggest medical company in the world. Medela, a Swiss company manufacturing baby products and surgical machines for Carl Zeiss in Germany among other leading medical product manufacturers.

Switzerland has been a hub and leader in medical devices and medical design for centuries.

Our years of hands-on experience in the medical and hospital space is built in SteriOpen’s DNA. With the use of hospital/food grade materials, hygienic surface finishing, end-user usability, experience design, governmental disability and access laws, all make SteriOpen the world’s best hands-free, foot-operated door opener.

It takes many years of design, prototyping, and testing out in the real world to make industry-leading and disruptive products. The focus will always be on sanitation and products that last decades of daily use in harsh gastro and medical environments.


About SteriOpen