SteriOpen Step - Stainless

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✅【HANDS FREE DOOR OPENER】Protect yourself, customers, employees, family and friends from germs, bacteria, and viruses spreading.

✅【EASY & SAFE TO USE】Just one step you can exit a room safely without touching infected door handles. Just step on SteriOpen and pull open with ease, it's that easy! 

✅【HIGH TRAFFIC EXTERIOR & INTERIOR RUSTPROOF USE】Solid Hospital/Gastro/Industrial grade stainless steel componentry that won't rust for heavy use environments like ● Restaurants ● Cafes ● Hospitals ● Factories ● Offices ● Public Buildings ● Malls 

✅【SAVE MONEY AND IMPROVE YOUR BRAND】Reduce costs from employee sick days and customers will love sanitary improvements at your business and return. 

✅【EASY INSTALL & ADA COMPLIANT】All screws and tightening tools supplied for fast simple install in 5 minutes or less, compliant for the American Disability Act.

SteriOpen is a foot-operated door opener and is the last step in eliminating virus cross-contamination in restrooms.

We have all been there, after using a public toilet, you wash your hands only to be forced to touch a soiled bacteria-infested door handle to exit a public washroom. At the very least, disgusting, at the most bedridden with viral bacterial infections or worse contracting a novel virus.

Bacteria and viruses can be active on common surfaces for up to 7 days. SteriOpen is designed to avoid your contact altogether with these surfaces and keep you, your workplace, and local restaurant safe from cross-contamination.

Door handles are full of germs. After touching them you may carry viruses and bacteria. You and others may become sick.

SteriOpen is designed to replace the use of door handles known to be bacteria hotspots.

SteriOpen simply attaches to the bottom of solid metal or wooden doors and stickers are placed above the door handle to instruct on usage. The user then places their foot onto SteriOpen and opens the door.

Product Features:

  • Hospital/Food grade stainless steel
  • Super thick 4mm/0.15” material
  • Stainless steel through heavy duty bolts
  • Pure rubber door stoppers
  • Bacterial resistant surface finishing 
  • Formed anti-slip grip for easy operation
  • Fits commercial and residential doors*
  • Clear simple install instructions
  • Less than 5-minute installs per door
  • Premium finishing to complement any environment
  • Waterproof indicative stickers
  • All hardware included
  • Brand customization options

*Fits all standard door sizes. From 35-55mm/ 1.37-2.16"

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